I'm Hungry for Landscape


Today I realized

I was hungry for landscape

In the old days if you went

from one village to another,

from Bisaccia to Andretta say,

there was empty space

between the two.

Now the village is empty

and the space in the middle

has been filled.

When I took a different route,

this time from Andretta to Calitri,

my impression was confirmed.

The road is only partially paved

and nobody travels there.

The landscape looked much better

and I devoured it

in the sunlight.

From every other

point of view,

that August day in Irpinia

was the same winter

as always.




A friend tells me it’s time

to look up

and see other places.

I don’t obey.

I stay here in this place

and look down

at the ground

down and further down.




When land was not yet


we used to look


But now,

We must watch it carefully

watch it every day.

It’s life expectancy looks

shorter even than ours.




Nobody can stay where they are

exile is inevitable

from every village

every town.

Residing here

is a form of diplomacy

The only possible place to live

is inside poetry.

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06 September 2011