What is doppiozero

doppiozero is a non-profit web magazine and a digital publishing house based in Milan, Italy. Since February 2011 we have published articles, essays, reviews and personal blogs daily. These were by more than 700 authors, researchers, critics, sociologists, philosophers, etc., bringing together well-known intellectuals, as well as young and recognized scholars.

Our aim is to build a new model of cultural production, where the economic factors are systematically reinvested in the creation and distribution of content.

We would like to contribute to the cultural and social change of our time, offering a new, independent platform to those who have new things to say. Because when everything is changing, the greatest risk is that nothing changes.

We believe the cultural production is a resource with the ability to push the change in a democratic direction. We consider doppiozero an open space for debate, a real opportunity for personal and collective growth, a place for developing innovative projects.

Our ambition is to build a community capable of challenging the conformist views of our time. For a different future, and not for the happy few.


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Associazione culturale doppiozero

founding members: Micaela Acquistapace, Annalisa Angelini, Marco Belpoliti, Stefano Chiodi,
Giovanna Forlanelli, Francesco Franceschi, Roberto Gilodi.

address: via Fioravanti, 3 - 20154 Milano Italy
tel: +39 02 45495593
contacts: redazione@doppiozero.com
tax code: IT 07505190962



ISSN  2239-6004

Marco Belpoliti, Stefano Chiodi

copy editor
Luigi Grazioli

english translations
Clarissa Botsford

Andrea Morando

Federica Arnoldi, Michele Consiglio, Chiara De Nardi, Gabriele Gimmelli, Roberto Manassero, Massimo Marino, Silvia Mazzucchelli, Anna Stefi, Daniela Voso, Claudia Zunino

editorial board
Pietro Barbetta, Claudio Bartocci, Marco Belpoliti, Giorgio Boatti, Tiziano Bonini, Rinaldo Censi, Stefano Chiodi, Andrea Cortellessa, Michele Dantini, Claudio Franzoni, Roberto Gilodi, Elio Grazioli, Luigi Grazioli, Massimo Marino, Gianfranco Marrone, Maria Nadotti, Riccardo Panattoni, Rocco Ronchi, Riccardo Venturi

art director
Paola Lenarduzzi

e-book publishing
Paolo Vigorito